American Airlines Receives Boeing 787 Delivery for the First Time Since ’21


American Airlines has confirmed it expects to receive delivery of its first Boeing 787-8 as early as today. In a statement sent to Simple Flying today, the airline said:

“American expects to receive its first Boeing 787-8 delivery of 2022 as early as Wednesday, Aug. 10. This will be American’s first 787 delivery since April 2021. The aircraft, with registration number N880BJ, will be delivered from Charleston and is expected to enter commercial service in the coming weeks. Following this delivery, American will have 47 active 787 family aircraft in its fleet with an additional 42 on order. We appreciate the work done by the Federal Aviation Administration and Boeing during the review process.”

For the last few weeks, speculation has been rife that 787 deliveries were about to resume, but now it is confirmed. To be fair, neither Boeing nor the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has officially fueled any of that comment. In fact, when Simple Flying contacted Boeing for this piece today, the plane maker immediately responded with their consistent statement: “We continue to work transparently with the FAA and our customers towards resuming 787 deliveries.” Boeing people in Seattle, Charleston, Washington or wherever they gather around the world must feel a sense of relief that they can now get on with delivering all those stored 787s.

The 787-8 bound for American Airlines will be the first 787 delivered since Boeing suspended them in May 2021. Concerns about manufacturing flaws in some 787s were raised by the FAA in 2020, including issuing two airworthiness directives. Boeing resumed deliveries in March 2021 before stopping them again in May, after the FAA had expressed concern about inspection issues. At the time, the FAA said it wanted to ensure that Boeing “has a robust plan for the re-work that it must perform on a large volume of new 787s in storage.”

That has now been done and dusted to the FAA’s satisfaction, and Boeing has the clear air it needs to push 787s out the hangar door. Reports say that Boeing has around 120 completed 787s waiting for delivery, although how many have already been inspected per the approved plan is unknown. Now that the ball is back in Boeing’s court, hopefully, the plane maker will reveal the inspection and delivery process and a timeline for clearing the built aircraft.




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