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What Can a LinkedIn Makeover Do For You?

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, as well as one of the most powerful free business tools. There are over 1000 recruiters on LinkedIn looking for Cleared professionals like yourself. Having a professional LinkedIn profile will help employers find you and maximize your hiring potential.

A great LinkedIn profile can:

✔ Supplement your resume and generate interest in hiring you
✔ Showcase your personality and enhance your appeal
✔ Showcase your past work and how you approach a job
✔ Help people recognize you as an expert in your field
✔ Showcase your knowledge
✔ Show your growth and development
✔ Lead to great networking opportunities
✔ And much more…

LinkedIn 5-Step Makeover Process:

Complete the online order form

After your purchase is made, we’ll send you a questionaire that takes less than 5 minutes to fill out.

1-hour phone interview with your LinkedIn profile writer

This will enable our team to understand your goals and experiences so that they can be properly represented in your LinkedIn profile.

Review your draft LinkedIn profile and provide feedback

This allows you to give our team any recommended areas that might need further updating.

*Please note that we have to work within LinkedIn’s profile guidelines, which only allows certain types of information and a certain number of words in each section.

Receive your LinkedIn Profile Makeover

Your writer will implement your feedback and send your final LinkedIn Profile to you within 3 business days.  Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF versions will both be provided.

Update Your Profile

Our team will log into your account and make your LinkedIn profile updates. If you’d like us to make the professional updates for you, we’ll need a temporary password from you.

Some Customer Testimonials

My resume coach was very helpful and easy to reach. She helped update my resume with key words and a great layout that grabbed potential employers attention … Within a few days I had several interviews scheduled and a few of them turned into offers. It was nice to have options and I feel without this expert advice on my resume, I may have been passed up. I have a great job/ career now with a full retirement package. I highly recommend these services!


Having a resume coach gave me confidence in my my resume. I couldn’t find a way to communicate me and what I offered on a single sheet of paper, but my resume coach took my information and made it happen. I would recommend her to anyone looking to brush up their resume or get a new job.


My coach was incredible. She took so much time to really understand my qualifications and also what I was looking for. After moving to a new city, I had two excellent job offers within three weeks of being there! I will definitely be applying my coach’s method to my LinkedIn profile.


Additional Questions?

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