Frequently Asked Questions

Job Seekers

How do I search for careers by companies?

Enter the company name in the Keywords field.

How do I see the company names offering careers I’m interested in?

Register an account or login with an account already created to view the career details.

Who do you share my resume with?

Your resume is sent to Companies that you apply to careers for or companies that subscribe to our resume database service.

How do I reset my password?

Hover on the “My Account” link and select “Edit Account Details” and you will be brought to an Account Settings page where you can reset your password.

How do I edit a resume I’ve saved with my profile?

Under the My Account pulldown, select ACTIVE RESUMES and choose the EDIT option that appears when you hover over a resume name.

How do I create an email job subscription?

Under MY ACCOUNT, select CAREER ALERTS and click the Add Alerts link. Fill in the six alert fields and click SAVE ALERT.

How do I manage my job alerts?

Under the My Account pulldown, select CAREER ALERTS. Hover your mouse over the alert name you’d like to update and the list of options become visible.

How do I manage the visibility of my resume?

Under the My Account pulldown, select ACTIVE RESUMES. If your resume is marked private, click the PUBLISH link under the resume to make it visible to recruiters. If your resume is public, click the HIDE link under the resume to make it hidden from recruiters.


How do I update some company profile information?

Company profile information can be edited through the career listing page. If your Company details need to be updated after a listing has been posted, hover over “My Account” and go to “Manage Listings” and click the EDIT button to make updates.

How do I post a large amount of careers?

We have a job scraper that can take your jobs from your website and post them in the Cleared Careers mobile app and website. Turn around time is usually less than a week. Once we’ve performed the initial job scape, we’ll send you the data for your approval before listing. Once you’ve approved and paid for the appropriate plan, we can list your jobs on our site. Contact us at or call us at  303-841-2394 for more information.

How do I edit a listing we’ve already posted?

Under the MY ACCOUNT pulldown, select manage accounts and choose the EDIT option that appears when you hover over the career you wish to edit.

Is my credit card information stored secure?

Your security is our priority. Sensitive and private data exchange between the Site and its Users happens over a SSL secured communication channel and is encrypted and protected with digital signatures. Our Site is also in compliance with PCI vulnerability standards in order to create as secure of an environment as possible for our Users.

How do I delete an expired credit card?

Select the MY ACCOUNT button and find the DELETE CARD button under the saved cards section.

How do I view receipts for my recent orders?

Receipts are sent to the email address on file for your company. Additionally you can find them by clicking on the MY ACCOUNT button under the RECENT ORDERs section.

Is it a separate cost to add my careers to the mobile App?

No. Our job listing plans post your jobs to both the Cleared Careers mobile app and website.

Have any questions we haven’t answered? Please get in contact with us by filling out our contact form.