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Job Fair Tips - Part 3 of 3

After the Job Fair


Following Up on Your Job Fair Success

Whew! You made it! After some intense preparation and a tiring event, you can kick those formal shoes off and take a breather. Relax. Celebrate! But keep in mind: your work isn’t quite done yet.

The days and weeks following a job fair can be just as crucial as the event itself. Tragically, this is the step most job-seekers overlook. And that’s a shame, because stellar follow-up after a job fair can make all the difference.

Check out these tips for what to do once the job fair is over.

1. Organize Your Success

If you followed the advice in our two previous posts, Prepping for a Job Fair and Succeeding at a Job Fair, you had a ton of success at the event. Which is great! You should be proud of that success! But you should also take the time to organize it. You probably received some instructions on official applications. Most employers will ask you to visit their official website (or email) and submit your paperwork electronically. Organizing your notes from the fair will help you avoid confusion during this process. Mixing up notes could lead to a missed opportunity or embarrassing mix-up.

2. Update Your Resume

We don’t always get the resume right on the first try. Perhaps your conversations at the event made you remember something you’d like to add or change. That’s great! Now is the time to update your information. Even if you don’t want to change anything on your resume, now’s a great time to proofread it and clean it up one more time before official applications.

3. Add the Personal Touch

This is where your notes will really come in handy. Use tidbits from your conversations with the employers to add a personal touch to your resume, email, phone call, or LinkedIn connection message. Repeating those memorable moments not only shows that you were paying attention—it reminds the employer how much fun they had talking to you! Mentioning that you’ve already submitted your online application is a great opener!

4. Consider Sending ‘Thank You!’ Letters

This step isn’t for everyone and it isn’t vital for success. But, if done well, it can really make you shine. Consider sending a handwritten letter or email to the employers you spoke with. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy. Simply thank them for their time and let them know you’ve begun the process for official application. If conversation is more your style, try a quick phone call. There’s no need to go over the top here, but it’s a really nice gesture that can pay off in the long run. (Bonus: Those conversation notes you took before can be useful here, too!)

5. Prepare for Interviews

A lot of the advice we gave in the preparation post of this series can be useful here. Do some follow-up research on the companies/opportunities you intend to pursue. Get familiar with the company’s mission and vision statements. Do some research on the position you’re interested in. Conduct “mock” interviews with people or do them by yourself in the mirror. It might seem silly, but this can give you a lot of confidence when walking into the official interview!

6. Keep Networking

If there’s one important thing to take away from this series, it’s this: you should never quit networking. Even if your game plan was a total success and you landed your dream job, keep in touch with the other employers and job-seekers you spoke with. Tell the other job-seekers you’ll keep an eye out for open positions and let them know if you see something they’d like. Ask them to do the same for you if you’ve not found your new career yet. If there were any non-employer organizations at the event, research those and join the ones that line up with your career goals.

As you can see, the job fair itself isn’t the only important part of this process. What you do before and after the event can make a huge impact on your success. As we mentioned before, job seekers have a tendency to ignore the follow-up. But not you! Now you’ve got all the keys to success. When you’re done celebrating your amazing job fair performance, get back to the grind. It’s not over until you hear those two fabulous words: “You’re hired!