root9B Awarded $6.4 Million Air Force Cyber Training Contract

20160323 – Technologies Company root9BRTNB), and #1 ranked company on the Cybersecurity Top 500 announced today it’s been awarded a United States Air Force cyber operations training contract. This award is a four year Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) with a $5.3 million dollar estimated value with a maximum ceiling of $6.4 million dollars.

The contract scope is to provide Initial Qualification Training (IQT) to Air Force Airmen via the Applied Cyber Operations Training (ACOT) course. This training will be offered as a follow-on course for graduates of the Air Force’s established Cyber Training Program.

“root9B possesses a unique concentration of former government and military cyber operations experts,” said Scott Myers, root9B’s Senior Vice President. “The ACOT contract will ensure our knowledge and experience is shared with future cyber operators.”

“root9B is committed to educating our military’s cyber operations workforce,” said Eric Hipkins, root9B’s Chief Executive Officer. “Our goal is to ensure that training is relevant and timely to the mission of our Armed Forces.”

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